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By the time players reach the NFL Womens Harrison Butker Jersey , it’s pretty reasonable to think there is not much they can do to surprise us.Most of them spent their college careers under the bright lights of a major program, where they’ve been interviewed, cataloged and analyzed to ridiculous lengths.Then comes the draft process, where it starts all over again. There’s a whole industry that’s grown up around collecting and collating every conceivable detail about these players so they can be endlessly discussed by NFL fans before draft day. How can there be anything we don’t know about these guys?Yet sometimes, they surprise us.And that continues to happen with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.We knew that he had incredible arm talent.We knew that he had incredible vision and athleticism.We knew he could be aggressive and make plays.Denny Medley-USA TODAY SportsBut the thing we did not know — that we could not know — was how he would adjust to being an NFL quarterback.During the opening days of training camp, Mahomes addressed this.“In high school, [the system] is very generic,” he said. “At Texas Tech, it is a spread. They put a lot on the quarterback, but it is still not as much as you do now. You get here and the complexity of the offense is something that you really have to get after it and grind through. For me, every single day is a learning experience, every single day I have to push myself to get better.”A few days later, head coach Andy Reid was obviously pleased with how Mahomes was working through all of it.“The great thing about Pat is that he never makes the same mistake twice  http://www.chiefsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-laurent-duvernay-tardif-jersey  ,” Reid said. “It doesn’t happen. He sees everything. He knows it. When he makes a mistake, he comes back and can talk to you about it. He’s done nothing but get better and better as we go. He has a load on him here and is responding exactly how we’d like. You don’t see him repeat mistakes. It’s fun to watch.”Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY SportsBut Reid has said that they expected this from Mahomes — as he did during the preparation for the Week 3 game against the San Francisco 49ers.“When we brought him in we spent a bunch of time with him trying to exhaust him with that day you can spend. We came out of it knowing he can handle a load. He came in behind Alex. You weren’t going to run out of gigabytes with Alex. [Pat is] right there. We haven’t slowed down with what we’re doing or anything else. Alex a brilliant guy and this guy is hanging right in there with it and has been since he got here. He is where we hoped he would be.”And as the season has progressed, so has Mahomes.Each week, when he’s asked about what he learned in the previous game, he gives us a window into his development — as he did on Sunday night after the 45-10 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.He was asked about what went wrong on his interception on Sunday night, when his pass to Tyreek Hill was underthrown.“Yeah, [Tyreek] burnt the dude.It wasn’t a bad read. It was Cover 4 and Tyreek was the post-alert. I had been asking Coach Reid for it all game. I got there and I was like, ‘I don’t want to overthrow him,’ but [I} forgot that you can’t overthrow him. I left it short and they picked it off.”Even on a successful play — like Kareem Hunt’s incredible 21-yard run that set up the Chiefs’ first touchdown of the game — afterward, Mahomes is thinking about what went wrong.“It was RPO (run-pass option) and I probably made the wrong read. Then I handed it to him. It should’ve been a tackle for loss and then he broke a tackle and jumped over a dude. This is a very talented defense who have a lot of guys who are built to stop the run. It just speaks to the strength and the power that [Kareem] has when he runs with the football.”We knew a lot about Mahomes before the Chiefs drafted him in 2017, and there was ample reason to be excited about his talent and potential.But what we didn’t know — his ability to learn and develop so quickly into one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks — is the best surprise we could have had. The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off their very first loss of the season, and power rankings from the national writers reflect that.One of them — Yahoo’s Frank Schwab — held the Chiefs steady, but most dropped the team a spot or two.The Chiefs started at third in our aggregated pundit power rankings when we tabulated the early ones on Tuesday morning  http://www.chiefsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-mitchell-schwartz-jersey  , fell to fourth when the MMQB poll came in, and finally settled in to a tie for third (with the New Orleans Saints) when Elliot Harrison released his NFL.com power rankings.Here’s how the pundits ranked all 32 teams:Pundit Power Rankings for Week 7Chiefs AFC West Teams Other AFC TeamsHere's what the pundits we're tracking said about the Chiefs this week:ESPN (3rd from 2nd)MMQB (4th from 2nd)NFL.com (Elliot Harrison - 3rd from 2nd)SBNation (Rebecca Toback - 3rd from 2nd)Sporting News (Vinnie Iyer - 4th from 2nd)Yahoo! Sports (Frank Schwab - 2nd from 2nd)CBS Sports (Pete Prisco - 4th from 2nd)USA Today (Nate Davis - 4th from 2nd)Other power rankings we noticed this week:Bleeding Green Nation (Brandon Lee Gowton — 3rd from 1st) For as good as the Chiefs’ offense is, their defense has some real issues.NJ.com (Joe Giglio — 3rd from 2nd) There’s little reason for the Chiefs to be discouraged by Sunday night’s loss in New England. Patrick Mahomes showed me more in defeat than he has in any win. This offense is historically good, and the defense can only get better with health from Eric Berry and Justin Houston.Washington Post (Mark Maske — 4th from 2nd) QB Patrick Mahomes is great and the offense was clicking with a 31-point second half Sunday night at New England. But the defense failed to do its part and the Chiefs lost the first 43-40 game in NFL history. Getting injured standouts Justin Houston and Eric Berry back will help. But there are no excuses. The Chiefs simply must play better on defense with the players they have.NESN.com (Joshua Schrock — 3rd from 1st) Mahomes and Co. suffered their first loss of the season, but it was a valiant effort that showed they belong in the same conversation with the Patriots atop the AFC. The conference still could run through Arrowhead Stadium.Jaguars.com (John Oehser — 2nd from 1st) A worthy No. 2 that could be No. 1 again soonMile High Report (Pete Baron — 2nd from 2nd) I predicted 42-43 Patriots victory, so this came as no surprise. I can’t knock the Chiefs down for losing on the last drive of the game in Foxboro. 30 seconds is too much time to leave Brady, much less 3 minutes. The Chiefs are for real, and honestly, they very well might be in the Super Bowl. They aren’t your dad’s Chiefs anymore.After their victory on Sunday night, the Patriots gained two positions in our aggregated pundit rankings, while the Chiefs dropped one spot. The national writers are behaving exactly as you would expect — essentially forgiving the Patriots for their early losses.It will certainly be interesting to see how the number-crunchers evaluate the relationship between the Chiefs and Patriots when we look at Arrowhead Pride True Power Rankings on Wednesday.The pundits now see the Chiefs at the second-best team in the AFC — and with their 4-2 record and a lopsided win against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, the pundits now think the Los Angeles Chargers are right on their heels; the pundits moved the Chargers up five positions this week.The Denver Broncos fell another spot, and the Oakland Raiders have now fallen to 32nd in the estimation of the writers.Over in Denver Xavier Williams Jersey , Mile High Report’s Pete Baron prefaced his power rankings with a plea for the firing of head coach Vance Joseph, and the return of Mike Shanahan.This seems unlikely six weeks into the season — but then again, I would have considered the return of Jeff Allen to the Chiefs roster as unlikely, too.Elsewhere, the Dallas Cowboys moved into the middle of the pack, moving up seven spots after their 40-7 drubbing of the Jacksonville Jaguars — who dropped seven positions in the rankings.The Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans all fell six places after losses on Sunday.On Wednesday, we’ll fold in the Week 7 data from the number-crunchers, and bring you our True Power Rankings!Don’t forget to check it out!

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