would have the same effect, right?  


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I have a customer who has installed our software on a laptop who claims that with it plugged into the network he can run our software and it sees that he has an active licensed copy, but if he closes the program, disconnects the network cable, and reopens our software, it says it is unlicensed.


I've read elsewhere, and confirmed for myself, that using the laptop's switch to turn off the wifi adapter or disabling it in the device manager will change the hardware fingerprint such that LimeLM will decide that the software is unlicensed. While I have issues with that, I have been assured that they are not doing either of those things.


One possibility that just occurred to me is that if "disconnecting the network" involved unplugging a USB cable that runs from the laptop directly to their cablemodem or disconnecting from a docking station with its own built-in network adapter, that would have the same effect, right? 

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