unable to even get into the settings menu  


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I am hosting a multiplayer session and continually lose functionality of my Logitech extreme 3D joystick as well as my Saitek Rudder Pedals. Individuals are able to connect just fine to my session. However, 1-2 minutes into flight, I lose all responsiveness in my controls. I have tested this with users connected to the session, as well as just starting up a session without anyone connected. Same issues arise. All controls are lost. I can be in flight for 2 minutes and lose all input control. I can be simply sitting on the runway and as several minutes pass, controls are lost.

I have searched on the forum for any fixes. I see multiple users having similar issues Other keyboard buttons work when my joystick and rudder pedal input are lost. When I activate the menu and click on Settings to troubleshoot my joystick assignments or to disable and reenable controls Prepar3d crashes. I am unable to even get into the settings menu. This is only when I am in multiplayer. Flying alone without multiplayer I have no issues at all. I have also read about Enabling Direct Input Control (Direct Input API). I did that and still, the same problem. 

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