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On the surface James Conner Jersey , the Antonio Brown contract can easily be traded. He’s due to make less than $39 million over the next three years, an annual average of less than $13 million.In theory, this makes his contract somewhat easier to trade. Assuming, of course Artie Burns Jersey , that he doesn’t expect a new contract.Many around the league think that Brown will expect a new contract as part of any trade, both to inject some guaranteed money into a deal that currently carries none and to bump Brown’s annual average closer to the guys who currently are at the top of the market.If Brown wants a new deal, that will serve only to complicate trade talks, because whoever makes the deal to get him from the Steelers will also have to make a deal with Brown. Which could be one of the reasons for the Steelers’ inability to find a trade partner.The less that a team must surrender in the form of trade compensation to get Brown Sean Davis Jersey , the more money (in theory) they’ll pay him. So maybe it’s good for Brown that the team’s trade leverage seems to be dropping. As the price for getting him declines, there may be a greater willingness to give him a revised deal.Le’Veon Bell is just waiting for you to say ‘thank you’ after taking him for granted After a week of Antonio Brown grabbing all the headlines for the Pittsburgh Steelers for all of the wrong reasons, it would appear that Le’Veon Bell has been feeling a little bit left out. If anyone is going to be a distraction in 2018, it seems that Bell is determined to make sure it is him and the absentee running back put the spotlight back on himself with another aggravating social media post in the early hours of Sunday morning.Proving that nothing good can come of tweeting your thoughts at 4.21 a.m. Ramon Foster Jersey , Bell’s latest personal insight is likely to fall on deaf ears just as much as all of his previous efforts to portray himself as a sympathetic figure have done. At the time of writing, there had been over a thousand responses to Bell’s comment and few of them included the two words he was looking for, even if several did include a two word statement beginning with the letters F and O. While it is unclear if he is looking for a thank you from the fans or his teammates, there seems to be little chance he will receive one from either. Like millions of people the world over Vince Williams Jersey , few of us get a thank you for being paid to do our jobs, given that is generally what the money part is for. The Steelers are willing to offer Bell the equivalent of 855,000 thank yous a week if he would do his.That being said, there are plenty of people Bell has helped this season and it is perhaps only fair that they show their gratitude - Every team that Pittsburgh will face in the games that he misses Zach Gentry Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey , their respective fans, and anyone else around the world who hates the Steelers all owe Bell a huge thank you.


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