Nexus 7 2012 battery drain issue  


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So ever since Android updated to one of 5.x versions my battery life has gone to hell. And with the last update, it's drained in hours, even while plugged in and charging. I am 99.9% confident it is the OS or Google Services.

I first saw the charging slow once I installed Google Services. But it was when I updated the OS t 5.x (don't recall which 5.x version) that I actually saw the drain on the battery while the device is plugged in and charging.

I tried resetting to factory defaults several times and each time I did the battery charged up quickly and use and drain was back to normal. Once I installed Google Services, I saw the charge time slow dramatically.

Since then each time I allowed the system upgrade to 5.x the battery would start to drain quickly, even while plugged in. 

Now I'm at a point where it seems resetting the device simply installs 5.x. I can no longer go back to the older OS.

I'm just wondering if anyone here is familiar with this issue. Maybe I'm wrong; maybe the issue is h/w but I'm only seeing the symptoms through the circumstances described above.


Any help will be apprecited.

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