Issue starting Battle of the Bulge Campaign  


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I was a relative late-comer to the Battle Academy series, so when BA2 came out, I'd not yet finished the BA1 single-player campaigns. I'm mostly playing MP in BA2, but I've also gone back to finish BA1, just for fun and "practice". I've been playing through them in historical order, rather than the order they were released, and really enjoyed the challenge of the Metz and Market Garden campaigns. Unfortunately, that brings me to The Battle of the Bulge. I started it, expecting no problem, but the loading bar gets about half way across...and...stays...there. Trying to diagnose the problem, I confirmed that I have the latest patch... (build 2.6.0) and checked the "Unlock Expansions" option on the game's main screen. I'd purchased the Mega Pack, and to the best of my knowledge, had previously unlocked all the expansions. Its worked for every other campaign. But when I looked, the Bulge expansion was not included in the drop-down list within the Unlock Expansion screen. I chose "unlock everything", but the campaign still won't load.


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