Is It Possible To Eliminate Cold Sores Fast?  


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When we make a call if we get a "busy" signal normally we will [url=]American Natural Super Collagen/[/url] hang up then immediately redial the same number, compounding the problem. The "recalls" add to the volume of calls crowding all of the calls out of the queue. Call the contact number every 4-5 hours if possible, however, after one call is made that you are OK it will be relayed to others calling the line.Make a determination if you are able to remain in your home or if you must walk out, gather as much information as you can. If the house is structurally sound it will be safe to stay. 

Then secure the electrical, natural gas and water supplies, the water will be off as well due to there being no electric service. We will smell gas if a gas line is corrupted but we will not be able to detect a water leak or if the electrical system has been compromised, it could start a fire. It is safest to eliminate the worry, it will be a hassle after the utilities return because your supplier will have to check out the systems but it is the safest action to take. Standing water and an electrical short to ground to not compliment one another.

Water, check your supply, we need a minimum of 1/2 gallon per person per day if that much water is not on hand begin conserving immediately. Check the food in your freezer, part of the emergency plan should have included freezing water in your freezer. In many ways, this event can be defined as a freezer power outage as well. Using containers holding milk or juices fill them with tap water, place them in your freezer and leave them there. They will help keep the frozen foods cold for a longer period of time when the ice melts the water is drinkable. 

Container made for this purpose are readily available, mine are 1 gallon each, approximately 1-foot square and 2 inches thick, laid under all of the food they work well. Do not open the freezer door until you positively have to, if the temperature goes below 40 degrees and the food begins to thaw, the usable life of the food decreases. If the food itself drops below 40 degrees, it's time to throw it in the trash, don't chance getting an intestinal illness, we all know what misery that is. 




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