iOS Configuration and Provisioning "Profiles", battery life and privacy  


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My employer has graciously provided me with a new iPhone 5. It has 3 Profiles, one home-brewed and two by Trellia (Tanalytics and MDM Payload).
I do not, in theory, have any issue with this. They're so that my company can manage my data plan while I'm out of the country to avoid exorbitant roaming costs. Or so I'm told. And thus far I've had a very good impression of and experience with the IT department here. 
However, my new iPhone 5 has about half the battery life that my 2 year-old iPhone 4 had, and thew only obvious culprit I could think of was these things, but I have absolutely no idea how Profiles work or even whether they COULD be responsible for battery drain. And thoughts would be appreciated. Of course, I could always just nuke them if I want to, since I don't take my phone out of the country anyways and the class of employee these things are aimed at is not me.
Also, should I be worried about privacy with these? I mean I don't care too much, but it's good to be aware.

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