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It's time for us to learn about RS T92 Eldritch Crossbow, RS T92 Eldritch Crossbow is active now in The Shadow Reef,So Please pay close attention on the following informations.However, you should not forget to get RS3gold cheap rs gold with 9% off til Feb26.

Some details about RS T92 Eldritch Crossbow

As one of the new rewards released with The Shadow Reef RuneScape, the eldritch crossbow is a two-handed crossbow,Requires 92 Ranged to wield. When equipped, the crossbow can make Bolts attack causing 1173 damage on the target. And each shot made by the bow is of 2577 Accuracy.

What's more,The special attack of Eldritch Crossbow RuneScape, Split Soul, modifies the Soul Split curse and deals 4x the amount of lifepoints it would heal. The effect will least for 15 seconds, and it is removed when you remove your weapon.

Some guides to get Eldritch Crossbow

The new T92 bow consists of three pieces, including the stock, the limbs and the mechanism. All of them can be obtained as drops from Kranon the Ambassador, the main boss, as well as the final boss of the third elite dungeon, the Shadow Reef. All pieces are tradeable.

Drops may be obtained in a group or in solo, and RuneScape Eldritch Crossbow is more common to drop in solo. However, the Kranon the Ambassador boss is much more difficult to conquer in the solo mode.


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